Michael John Martinez Jr.

San Antonio, TX 78233
* Cell: (210) 317-9487
michael.j.martinezjr@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/texasit/

IT Manager

IT professional with over 10 years of experience in networking, system administration, governance, and remediating system vulnerabilities. Will provide cost benefit analysis, SDLC budget outlays, and training requirements to meet organization goals. Demonstrated grit and compassion in community and professional relationships.

Skills and Qualifications

SECRET ClearanceMaster of Business AdministrationCISSP (8570 IAM LVL III)
System LifecyclingIT Department ManagementIT Infrastructure Design & Deployment
SCRUM MethodologyTeam DevelopmentDISA STIGs
Change ManagementStructured MethodologiesProject Management
Integration ManagementSystem EngineeringKnowledge Management
Programming: C++, Java, C#, Python Web: ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Database: SQL, MySQL
SysAdmin: SharePoint, SQL, IIS, Linux, VMWare Scripting: PowerShell, R
Networking: Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Satellite, Cabling
ERP/CRM Applications: SAP, Intuit Quickbooks
Info Sys Mgmt: AvePoint DocAve & Compliance Guardian, Google Analytics, SolarWinds

Professional Experience

    Communication Systems Supervisor

    Army National Guard

    09/2011 – PRESENT
  • Received an award from Brigadier General Daniel Walrath for Linux system recovery.
  • Participated in complex problem solving of Cisco, Microsoft, and satellite technologies, and business solutions by conducting organizational transfer of equipment with zero losses.
  • Address complex operations of IT program by implementing streamlined plans to simplify work processes and assign to IT personnel to support organization tasks.
  • Instrumental in enabling Brigade networks to communicate with simulation systems during 2 week National Guard training,
  • Instrumental in support for the first communication team to deploy ground satellite network and establish communication to regional hub node using Microsoft, Cisco, and satellite technologies.
  • Conducted troubleshooting of parent organization’s assets to establish communications amongst peer organizations. Furthermore, organized training and chalk sessions with peer organization IT teams to enhance organization communication abilities.
  • Developed training programs developing team members’ technical and leadership skills.
  • Trained Soldiers to use, install, document, and troubleshoot equipment.
  • Conducted troubleshooting procedures using Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, satellite, and radio technologies as needed due to damage, misconfiguration, or general use and deployment.
  • Installed, maintained, and operated portable network stacks consisting of Cisco Voice, Switch, Router, and ASA on NIPR (unclassified) Core and Colorless Core network equipment. “Core” refers to the tunnel where communications resided.
  • Sought out by Soldiers, peers, and superiors for knowledge and troubleshooting abilities.
  • Participated in National Guard emergency response to Hurricane Michael, the CAT I turned to CAT V hurricane overnight that wiped out Mexico Beach, Florida.
  • Participated in National Guard emergency response to Hurricane Irma, causing severe destruction to Florida’s West Coast.
  • Deployed with 136th Texas Army National Guard to Middle East in support of Operation Spartan Shield from 2015 to 2016.
  • Patched communication security equipment providing advanced communication security for organization.
  • Deployed Harris Radio communication networks.
  • Deployed Secure ASIP (Advanced Single Channel Ground to Air Radio Improvement Program) networks.
  • Deployed high powered WiFi (CAISI System) networks.

    SQL Database Administrator

    cFocus Software – US Army North Contractor

    01/2020 – PRESENT
  • Developed plan to reduce annual rate of occurrence of system outages and reduced time to recovery through seeking knowledge from professional and community sources.
  • Engineer, troubleshoot, build, and manage SQL Clusters to support multiple software suites.
  • Developed extensive plans for presentation to leadership to gain buy-in to difficult concepts, detailed instructions to gain peer and government counterpart support.
  • Identified and pursued personal training needs for immediate position and future growth.
  • Use PowerShell, SSMS, Queries, and Stored Procedures to deploy and manage SQL Systems to rapidly comply with STIGs.
  • With limited experience in administration of SQL systems, granted promotion to DBA. An auspicious recognition, as the program manager was aware of conclusion of studies for the CISSP certification. Further, the program manager agreed to endorse CISSP certification.
  • Assisted coworkers to develop plans for self improvement.

    SharePoint Administrator

    cFocus Software – US Army North Contractor

    11/2018 – 01/2020
  • Managed projects using feedback from customers, system usage analysis, CIO goals, and knowledge of organizational operation environment to provide support for over 2000 users.
  • Implement governance improving system integrity and performance, based on better business practices, STIGs, benchmarks, IT goals, and data center variables.
  • Conducted Nessus scans of systems to reveal vulnerabilities and plan maintenance windows.
  • Engineered SharePoint infrastructure packages to deploy SharePoint Farms.
  • Developed requirements based on projected usage to support budget and acquisition plans.
  • Develop applications to streamline management and monitoring systems by automation.
  • Manage and develop systems using PowerShell, JQuery, HTML, and SQL Knowledge.
  • Build tools to conduct data analytics of systems to identify system performance issues, potential security problems, and assist with forensic analysis.
  • Develop solutions per data analytics to ensure maximum system availability.

    Information Technology and Security Candidate

    Period of part time employment

    05/2018 – 11/2018
  • Studied for CCNA – did not complete, due to being hired for SharePoint Position.
  • Studied and recertified for Security+ 501.
  • Attended nationwide conferences related to automations, security, and leadership. BSides, DefCon, CyberTexas, and many events in North East Florida.
  • Volunteered at Veterans of Foreign Wars as Post Surgeon.

    Math Instructor

    Florida Schools (Flagler County, Putnam County)

    01/2017 – 05/2018
  • Conducted successful instruction by empathizing with students’ needs to convey the instruction of mathematics and algebra.
  • Prepare long term strategies to achieve complex instructional goals for 6 different classes of 10 – 25 (110 total) students, with various education needs. Demonstrated leadership qualities required for success in and outside of the classroom.
  • Learned functional Spanish to communicate praise or need of parental support to non-English speaking households.
  • Adapted military training techniques to classroom learning fundamentals and technology.

    Information Technology and Security Candidate 05/2014 – 05/2015 Period of part time employment
  • Volunteered at Veterans of Foreign Wars as Post Commander.
  • Completed final year of MBA studies. Texas State capstone class included developing and presenting to community a project to expand The Main Street Program by maximizing use of existing facilities.
  • Moved Family Cross country in preparation for National Guard deployment to Middle East.

    Software and Systems Integration Technician

    Lonestar Information Technology

    02/2012 – 05/2014
  • Developed understanding of government contracting and small business designations for 8A, HUB, disadvantaged business, and how to partner with organizations to meet contractual requirements through partnerships.
  • Reduced backlog and overhead for clients by implementing work processes and training staff using both management and software processes. Client businesses operations valued at about $100,000 to $300,000 per year.
  • Developed applications for inventory, CRM strategies, marketing analysis, and management for clients with significant increase in value of assets.
  • Make hiring and training decisions for IT Team and develop outsourcing plans.
  • Prepare cost benefit analysis of system hardware and software, training, and continued support to enable clients to make valuable decisions for their organizations.
  • Negotiate contracts for projects as a contractor for small to large businesses.
  • Advised organizations on life-cycle management strategies.

    Information Systems Specialist Supervisor

    US Army

    08/2009 – 09/2011
  • Supported organization achieving a zero deficiency audit of automation systems by identifying network and documentation requirements, ensuring 100% training of users, and conducting thorough research to implement governance supporting Army Regulation. An achievement accomplished through broad reliance on teamwork.
  • Assisted organization in maintaining accountability and information assurance by tracking over 600 devices located in multiple countries. Total cost of operation over 1.5 million dollars over 15 months, including personnel, equipment, training.
  • Trained subordinates to use, install, document, and troubleshoot equipment.
  • Conducted and documented disposition, transportation, or destruction of all media and data by conducting thorough research of NSA recommendations and Army policies.
  • Implemented management strategies (similar to Scrum and Agile) to track and resolve problems with IT systems resulting in decreased downtime and increased reliability on IT Teams.

    Healthcare Specialist

    US Army

    08/2003 – 12/2008
  • Reduced backlog of training records processing for USAMRIID by a factor of 10 by reducing errors, and improved record management and data feedback. Enabled commander to exceed training requirements and providing artifacts for support.
  • As a project management task: maintained three ambulances: stocked, maintained, and scheduled services completed. Operation, including total cost of ambulances, personnel labor, totaled over $800,000. These ambulances provided direct support to lifesaving operations in South Korea. In addition, maintained two 2.5 ton cargo vehicles, to support forward medical teams.
  • Completed leaders’ course as an honor graduate, tasked with demonstrating leadership of 30 personnel.
  • Developed high sense of data security revolving around Soldier medical records.
  • Assigned responsibility of managing over $100,000 of orders of medical equipment to support remote organization medical needs.

Master of Business Administration
Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
Bachelor of Science Information Systems Management (Management Studies)
University of Maryland University College, AD, Yokota US AFB, Japan
Certificate Microsoft Certified Professional (Dean's List)
Central Texas College, Killeen, TX
U.S. Army Schools:
Information Technology Specialist (Honor Graduate)
Warrior Leader Course (Honor Graduate)
SNAP/VSAT Operator (Satellite Terminal Equipment), US Army
Security+, CompTIA

Commander June 2014 – June 2015
VFW Geronimo Memorial Post 8456
President January 2013 - January 2015
Seguin Downtown Business Alliance
Director April 2013 - January 2015
Seguin Guadalupe County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Boy Scouts of America Volunteer Leader September 2010 - July 2014
Boy Scouts of America
Programming: HTML C++ Java Visual Basic
PHP JavaScript
Applications: Remedy (CRM) Adobe Pagemaker Cloud Hosting VMWare
MS Office Project Visio Imaging Software
Networking: CISCO UNIX/LINUX Microsoft Servers Satellite Systems
Microsoft Windows 3.11 - 8 Wireless Security
Management: Risk Mitigation Project Management Information Assurance Physical Security
Logistics Business Analysis