Michael John Martinez Jr. is a professional.

A New Business

New Businesses are a great way to pursue an adventure. There are many pitfalls. My goal is to offer you and your new business the information necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. I'll be updating this website often with new articles.

Why I started

Thank you, for visiting Military Business Startups.

I once ran a software development company advising small businesses and organizations on how technology could fit into their business better. The opportunity to serve my country came up recently, and I am currently serving our country in the Middle East, as a Information Technology Specialist. I was inspired to start a blog about starting a business, becase many of my comerades have asked about how to start a project, or a business. Whether you want to start a Movie Project, A Restauraunt, or your own blog, you will find many businesses have similar needs.

Current Activities

Finding a job

I am exploring finding a job in three different industries. I should focus on one. I think I'll focus on management, with IT and Education being a fall back if I am not sucessful. I'll probably look for a position that will pay about $10-$12 per hour full time, while my wife uses my GI Bill to finish her Associate's degree and start on her Bachelor's Degree. Her plan is to stay with The Home Depot, as a fall back I assume.

The Garden

I am exploring starting a garden for profit in my backyard. If I develop a good relationship with a local grocer or restaraunt, maybe I'll see how far this goes. However, for now, my goal is to see what I can do to keep the plants producing throughout the summer and winter. This is my hobby project.


I joined Primerica about a month ago. I am currently studying for my Florida Life License. This venture will be my next 3 year personal business project.